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Technical Support

Jadian offers you a world-class product with around-the-clock support service.  

Enterprise Quality Manager

Enterprise Quality Manager (EQ/M) is a web-based solution that has mobile tools to enable administration bodies to manage compliance electronically, conduct audits and inspections, fulfil work orders, monitor licensing, certifications and permits, and check compliance enforcement. EQ/M is a successful software solution used around the world. The first version, released in 1990, managed auditing and corrective actions. We are constantly updating and improving our software. 


Managing complex regulatory obligations is a big challenge for companies that work with multiple suppliers. Whether you have a few or thousands of sites or suppliers, our software can help you manage supply chains, open up communication and mitigate risk throughout your network. Careful monitoring makes it easier for you to comply with regulations and avoid supply chain risk.  

System Thinker

System Thinker manages the key elements of any internal compliance program for your business, such as ISO9000 and HACCP. An online information control panel and report generation minimize the paperwork related to compliance program up to zero.

Custom Programming

At Jadian, our experts will work with you to help develop and deploy a complete web environment that will give you total control to monitor users and reports as well as managing all forms. Achieve all business objects in no time at no extra cost.


Integrate Jadian into your network and with any other software your business uses. Adding this application simplifies and enhances your overall data-driven business processes.