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Food Safety

The food safety industry has to meet a number of federal and local compliance rules. Jadian helps you to maintain and raise your compliance levels to gain a competitive advantage for your business. Consumer concerns, global food production and distribution, and continually changing certification and accreditation make for a confusing array of issues to monitor. Gain a competitive advantage and cut margins with software that helps you in raising your compliance levels. Jadian’s food safety application lets you have full control of your food, safety and compliance management.

The software can:

Monitor the quality of food safety and nutrition

Manage compliance standards including HACCP and other important regulations

Automate and standardize record-keeping

Easily access important records and data from a web-based system

Increase traceability and visibility with an easy to use platform

Open communication between all aspects of your business with easy to use tools

Create needed reports to monitor and comply with regulation standards

Assist you in finding ways to exceed standards and gain a competitive edge

Jadian’s food safety software automates and standardizes processes such as routing, reviewing and approving documents. Receive alerts and reminders to comply with current standards. Store all critical documents for easy locating, retrieval and compiling to provide you with a centralized view of everything in your organization. Connect employees, suppliers, consultants, and all others through the cloud-based application. Jadian includes top-quality customer service with your customizable software.

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