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Online Forms

Jadian offers one of the best electronic forms software for all your paper-based needs.

From integration to alerts and tracking/monitoring capabilities Jadian’s form builder is easy to use.

Easily create and customize branded digital forms.

Collect data and access automated form features in offline mode.

Responsive forms are optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Data Management

In the big data world, the concept of data management is evolving, and your systems need to develop to keep up.

With our software, you’ll be reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies while improving decision making and existing business processes.

Customer Portal

Our well-designed support portals reassure customers they’re in the right place

Customers can search through previous interactions or tickets to find answers to questions.

Task Management

At Jadian, we know task management is more than a to-do list.

Setting deadlines to making sure projects are done on time to delegating subtasks.

Employees will be able to access team and personal tasks while completing and assigning them from anywhere.

Offline Mobile Application

In this modern-day of technology, offline access to electronic forms and critical documents changes everything.

With Jadian information can be captured, stored, or submitted through offline mobile forms.

Enables users in every type of business to capture their data without the worry.

Lack of internet connectivity will not cause them to lose their work or be unable to access their critical data entirely.

Analytics and Reporting

Improve all field-to-office communication with advanced oversight that changes the way you manage your out-of-office teams.

Users can view the results and review feedback and action plans generated by tracking and monitoring task statuses and execution.

The reporting grants the user the ability to compare performance and quality; from overtime, location, or on a case-to-case basis.

Data Security

Jadian offers the shield of digital data, such as those in a database, from damaging forces and from the undesirable activities of illegal users, such as cyber-attack or data breaches.

Jadian guarantees its clients that their data will remain safe at all times. Security measures include 24x7x365 occupancy, biometric security scanners, an IPTV camera scheme with full recording in all zones, and secured entrances.

We use topmost quality hardware and related technical equipment to maximize uptime.

All of the development and production servers are located in a secure data center with world-class security systems. In short, exceptional security for excellent arrangements.