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Accreditation Bodies

Accreditation is often required for educational institutions, healthcare organizations and other institutions that have standards to follow. Jadian software can:

Create surveys and standards lists to meet your accreditation standards

Connect audit or certification information to your system for easy retrieval

Monitor the rules specific to your area of accreditation

Schedule audit and observation times including notifications and alerts to all involved parties

Communicate clearly between coworkers and customers

Quickly create letters, certificates and important documents

Accreditation can involve many various processes and some time to gather necessary information. Having a convenient software application that is both easy to use and mobile can make gathering information easier. Being able to enter the necessary data and retrieve it quickly adds to your ability to streamline the process and have the data available when you need it. Jadian offers you the added tools you need to improve the accuracy of your accreditation organization.

Jadian provides complete risk-based compliance solutions to accreditation bodies. Our software comes with quality customer service to resolve any of your concerns and questions.

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