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Our Industries

Many businesses today must follow complex compliance and audit regulations. Highly competitive industry in the global market goes hand in hand with international regulation. Businesses always have to meet compliance standards, whether it’s product safety issues, stewardship, or workplace safety. Our software provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your business needs and regulatory requirements. 

Achieve your business goals with Jadian’s compliance software. Jadian streamlines your development processes while controlling costs and risks, increasing your overall profits. We offer customizable software for each of the following industries.

Food Safety

The food safety industry has to meet a number of federal and local compliance rules. Jadian helps you to maintain and raise your compliance levels to gain a competitive advantage for your business. Consumer concerns, global food production and distribution as well as continually changing certification and accreditation make for a wide array of concerns to monitor. Our software manages your food quality and safety in accordance with HACCP and other important regulations.

Field Services

Jadian’s Field Service software helps you to manage your field service business. Increase your performance by organizing your schedules and records, tracking job progress, and automating reminders. Also, the software records and assesses your data to help you to increase efficiency and maximize labor output while controlling costs and maximizing overall performance. Jadian is among the most experienced and successful service-optimization software company. We help you to automate and streamline your services no matter what type of business you run.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety issues require careful monitoring to meet your company’s specific needs. Jadian provides efficient and complete health and safety management software. Jadian’s management software helps companies meet their management and compliance challenges by providing regulatory compliance and health monitoring as well as analysis and reporting. Manage worker safety and health while maintaining security.

Accreditation Bodies

Accreditation is a process to assess the quality of a program, service or institution against agreed upon standards. Jadian provides a set of tools for an accreditation body to use in gathering information, organizing it and producing the necessary documentation to complete the accrediting or auditing process. Jadian’s tools help you to provide customers with a high quality accreditation process.

Certification Bodies

The term Certification is normally used as a standard term for a number of different actions that apply to the accreditation of institutions and personnel. Certification is basically the procedure to openly approve that a specified high quality or standard has been met or surpassed. Professional certification using a Professional procedure to identify and acknowledge personnel who have finished a recognized standard. Generally, this standard contains education, knowledge, expertise, skills and abilities needed to do the job.