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Managing complex regulatory obligations is a big challenge for companies that work with multiple suppliers. Whether you have a few or thousands of sites or suppliers, our software can help you manage supply chains, open up communication and mitigate risk throughout your network. Careful monitoring makes it easier for you to comply with regulations and avoid supply chain risk. 

Standard View is an economical web-based solution that compiles compliance data from multiple systems into a convenient online format. View multi-site and supply chain performance for compliance issues such as inspections, corrective and preventive actions, product testing, second and third-party certifications, sanitation, pest control, security and more.

Key Features

It provides online services and solutions that can be accessed whenever and wherever you want.

Calculates risk scores according to the criteria you set.

Delivers accurate information to all relevant parties.

Ensures quality and reduces costly mistakes, fines and other administration fines.

Helps organizations complete compliance and risk audits.

Focus on sites that present the highest risk.

Focus on specific suppliers or sites.

Streamlines your critical problem solving and compliance processes.

Gathers multi-system data so you can review your entire company or supply chain performance.