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Jadian announces release of new Field Service Management solution

release of new Field Service Management solution

Jadian announces release of new Field Service Management solution

9/14/2007 2:32 PM

Lansing, September 14, 2007:  Jadian enterprises today announced the availability of “EQ/M for Field Service Management”, a software solution designed to help companies manage assets, work orders, and maintenance schedules. The solution is an extension of Jadian’s existing Enterprise Quality Manager product line.

“The Field Service Management product evolved naturally from our suite of compliance management solutions,” said Jerry Norris, President and CEO of Jadian enterprises. “Not only does it use our existing inspection capabilities but we also have incorporated our risk assessment model. This will enable organizations to assign a risk level to the asset and assign field service resources to attend to the higher risk areas. It is a much more efficient way to manage work orders and maintenance than simply on a calendar basis.”

With the new solution, organizations can create and maintain a history of their assets using the centralized database. The solution can be configured to track any number of asset types, such as equipment, properties, and buildings. Detailed descriptions of activities related to those assets, such as inspections, maintenance tasks, inventory levels, and work orders are available online to any authorized user with internet access.

Work orders and maintenance tasks can be transmitted to handheld devices carried by field service representatives. Field service reps can document their activities onsite and transmit back to the central database for immediate action. Photos and other verification‐related documents (such as copies of maintenance logs or repair invoices) can be uploaded and viewed online, reducing the time and expense of onsite visits. The system’s configurable risk model determines risks and vulnerabilities for the company’s assets, prioritizes this risk, and then drives activities (e.g. inspections) and risk mitigation activities.

Companies can purchase and install EQ/M for Field Service Management on their own servers, or they can access the system by paying a monthly per‐user subscription fee.

Jadian enterprises, inc

Headquartered in Lansing, MI, U.S.A., Jadian enterprises is a global software and services company that provides complete solutions for managing inspections, compliance activities, licensing and certification processes, and work orders. The company’s software solutions are highly configurable for use across multiple market sectors, including: Government Municipalities, Public and Environmental Health Agencies, Departments of Agriculture, Registrars, Certification Bodies, Facility Management, Construction Inspections, Gas and Oil Industry, and Transportation Authorities. For more information, visit the company website at web.jadian.com.

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