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Jadian’s field inspection module has the capability to be used with most mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Manage investigator workloads on-site as well as review and approve analysis and administrative actions.

Our inspection module feature is unmatched when it comes to gathering critical data; we offer easy-to-use forms that improves the overall inspection process.

From inspecting equipment and products to facilities, we offer the tools that continuously improve to help with quality, training, compliance, and procedures.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets or any paper-based system with our auditing feature, we offer the ability to customise nearly everything.

The large database of interactive logic makes the easy-to-use forms your own.

Not only will Jadian’s audit solution help you improve overall performance by monitoring trend lines and tracking performance; it will save you money, ensure compliance and reduce all risks.

Record all auditing data on location with a tablet, using Jadian’s user-friendly interface that gives your auditors an adaptable experience.

Our dashboard lets you visualise the entirety of your audit operations which means more accountability.

Generate forecasts for preventative actions to be taken, trigger alerts and schedule audit reviews automatically, customise task management and audit workflow configurations and more!

Field Operations

Fully integrate your existing system to ensure your workers collect all valuable data faster than ever.

Our field operations feature allows you to work from anywhere while staying connected to the office.

Track, monitor and manage all real-time data; from scheduling inspections to managing statuses and task executions Jadian helps add value to your data with detailed in-form information.


Here at Jadian, we understand evaluating client expectations against actual experience is critical to the success and continued growth of any organization.

With our simple user interface that’s able to integrate all compliance and regulatory processes; you’ll be able to improve operation efficiency, risk management and keep up with the increasing fluctuating regulatory demands while maintaining profitability.