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Certification Bodies

Certification involves assessing something based on a specific standard. This assessment process, from an accredited agency, adds credibility to the product, individual, or process. Jadian offers the following features:

Monitor standards set according to your certification specifications

Gather necessary information to compare industry standards to what you are certifying

Schedule audits and appointments as well as communicate clearly with your agency and outside parties

Retrieve needed data quickly

Create necessary certificates and letters to complete assessments

Certification bodies need tools to streamline the process. Auditing standards, testing information, and necessary requirements can be easily entered into Jadian’s customizable software. We ensure that your software fits your business’s certification area so that you can quickly integrate it into your organization.

Jadian software is both easy to use and available in a mobile format. Offering unique solutions for your business, we provide you with quality management tools. Included with our software is our quality customer service to answer your questions or concerns.  

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