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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety issues require careful monitoring to meet your company’s specific needs. Jadian provides efficient and complete health and safety management software. Jadian management software helps companies meet their management and compliance challenges by providing regulatory compliance and health monitoring as well as analysis and reporting.  

Jadian software helps you to balance the need to manage worker safety and health as well as to maintain the security required for health documents. Jadian software provides you with the following features:

Customize the application to your business and required regulations

Easy to use interface uses a cloud-based system

Manage medical and safety records for each employee

Mitigate risk with health and safety concerns

Analyze trends in current health issues and absenteeism to proactively implement changes

Locate stored records for audits and regulatory compliance

Manage prescriptions and treatments as needed

Set multiple security levels

Set up automatic reminders and alerts

Effectively keep track of your worker’s medical history, manage prescriptions and treatments, while ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your employee’s health record. Streamline your gathering of paperwork and data with an easy to use the system. Quickly retrieve the information you need for business use, audit requirements, or compliance.  

Jadian’s health and safety management software is a total occupational health and safety solution that can be configured to meet any company’s health and safety needs concerning health, safety, and hygiene. We can tailor the software to account for QEHS, OSHA, ADA, FMLA, and HIPAA. It also comes complete with quality customer service to resolve your concerns and questions.

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