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How to keep up with quality standards?

How to keep up with quality standards?

By Shaun on 11/01/2021 06:00 AM

Most people consider a fridge as an indispensable home appliance. Who would disagree, as it made everyone’s lives much more convenient by keeping food and drinks for long periods? A kitchen seems to be incomplete without this cooling appliance, but a mini smart fridge is also beneficial for many various sectors aside from home use.

This common home appliance comes with a portable version. It is obtaining a lot of attention from urban dwellers, travelers, and different industries that need a portable cooling system. Compared to the standard refrigerator, a mini portable freezer offers many benefits such as space-saving, convenience, affordability, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that enjoy the advantages of a foldable fridge.

1. Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies are relying on cold storage appliances to protect vaccines and drugs. As medicines and vaccines need the right temperature, a portable mini fridge provides accurate temperature control that intact the drugs’ effectiveness. Many individuals trust and depend their lives on healthcare personnel. Hence, doctors, nurses, and clinicians also need a mini smart fridge to give them reliability, stability, and consistency.

2. Hotels

Before, several hotels provide a minibar with foods, small bottles of alcoholic beverages, bottled water, juice, and soft drinks in every room. In recent years, minibars have become less popular with guests, so hotel managers decided to eliminate this feature in their hotel rooms. But for guests who want to have access to cold drinks while staying in a cozy space, a lot of hotel packages offer a mini refrigerator with a freezer. This portable cooling system will let guests stock caffeine boosting to start their day or store their dinner leftovers. Best of all, it doesn’t cost as much as a minibar but serves the same benefits.

3. Food Industry

Fast-food chains, restaurants, beverages shop, and ice cream parlors are some of the many businesses that boomed during the pandemic lockdown. As many people rely on deliveries to get their food and drinks, a mini refrigerator with a freezer is the lifesaver of many food companies to keep their customers’ food and drinks well. Thus, giving the highest satisfaction, making their customers delighted.

4. Beauty Salons

A mini portable freezer is not only suitable for foods, drinks, medicines, and vaccines. Today, many beauty shops and salons use a portable cooling system to keep the quality and lengthen their beauty products’ shelf-life and ward off bacteria. Though not all beauty items require to get stored in cold storage, many of them need it as they consist of preservatives. But cosmetic items such as sheet masks, face mists, eye creams, and skincare tools need cool temperatures to provide utmost benefits to users.

Foldable Fridge – Mini but Mighty!

This mini smart fridge is perfect for the industries mentioned above and more. And now it comes forth with so much to offer. It enables its users to have cold drinks and fresh foods on-the-go from being able to store to small spaces to having retractable handles and wheels. No one can provide you with these fantastic features other than FlexFridge. Our mini smart fridge comes with a four (4) cubic feet storage, durable material, and up to 8-hour battery that ensures your snacks, cosmetics, and vaccines are in an optimal state.

Have a FlexFridge today!  

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