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What are Integrated Compliance Management Software Solutions?

What are Integrated Compliance Management Software Solutions

What are Integrated Compliance Management Software Solutions?

10/15/2019 2:45 PM

Any failure generated in the operations conducted by the organizations can generate effects in products. These effects may occur in product quality, safety, health of employees and the environment. It is true that many activities increase productivity in quality, but can adversely affect the safety or the environment.

The integrated compliance management software can be the solution for these problems.

If you have an organization, you have to keep track of all possible alternatives to ensure safety and environmental protection. Productivity and quality will increase at the same time.

Organizations that have implemented the quality assurance software are much more receptive to health and safety at work.

There’re different matches in integrated compliance management systems:

  •  Management must be committed to achieving success.
  • The management system must be immersed in a process of innovation and continuous improvement.
  •  It is based primarily on preventive action rather than corrective.
  • They should implement all phases of the life cycle of products and at all stages of production processes.
  • You should be able to measure the system. It is effective if you can measure and evaluate.
  • The implication must be of all people within the organization. It is not possible to succeed if the staff is not involved.
  • Training is the key to success for all aspects that are developed in the company.


During the integration process it will be necessary to take different conditions into account. This subject has different influences on the management and the company. Here we can consider the following factors:


The organization must obtain profitable results. Using this software you can manage your resources. Resources may be scarce, so you can limit the volume of your business. Yet this is to obtain high profitability.


These software systems are presented through a tree shaped structure. The structure shows a common trunk and three branches corresponding to each management area: quality, environment, safety and health at work. The trunk contains the common management system in the specified areas, taking into account all the elements, from the allocation policy to planning. It ends with the audit and review of the system.

Each specific management arm includes a complementary way for particular issues. Organizations that have an implanted system can expand its management system. The extension may be by a documentary treatment, avoiding redundancies and including cross references and interrelated.

The implementation of a system is recommended as a standard that includes all specifications for all three systems in an integrated manner. This will greatly facilitate the generation of integrated management systems.

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