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10 Factors That Affect risk management solution's Longevity

Factors That Affect risk management

10 Factors That Affect risk management solution's Longevity

7/21/2016 3:44 PM

Having a risk management software solution will allow you to record and manage incidents that occur and make you aware of current legislation and its changes, and verify compliance at all times.

Good risk management software allows you to identify, monitor and remedy technological risks, financial problems, operational difficulties and reputation that may threat the achievement of objectives in the organization. It also provides a centralized information system that helps identify risks, assess the likelihood of occurrence and impact thereof, mitigate the risks, and trace each solution.

It’s also a good tool to build a repository of risks associated with business objectives, metrics and events. Thus, it’s much easier for you to identify risks in your business, manage remediation processes, implement your own risk model, as well as automate, measure and report every step of the process.

Jadian Risk Management Software Characteristics:

1. Enables logging, controlling, managing and monitoring remediation tasks to different findings and incidents.

2. Calendarize tasks automatically, such as periodic assessments, scans and notifications, allowing continuous improvement in the implementation of different strategies.

3. Build models for evaluating qualitative and quantitative risk.

4. Customize models and risk assessment metrics that can be imported and / or built within Jadian, allowing the users to measure operational risks, financial, technological and legal problems through their own metrics.

5. Integrate and correlate IT information security through risk controls and compliance.


1.  Reducing time and costs by concentrating manual processes in an integrated and automated risk management system.

2. Rapid return on investment by improving the utilization of organizational, financial, technological and human resources.

3. Provides a complete picture of the company from multiple angles.

4. Alignment your own methodologies with the ability to model and assess risks in a way that makes sense to your particular organization.

5. Identifies risks that may impact the corporate strategy.

Reasons for choosing Jadian Risk Assessment Software

1.  It gives access to a database of solutions that have been applied in different sector to reduce the risks associated with different jobs.

2.  It selects the most appropriate module for your particular company.

3.  It offers print detailed and easy to interpret reports, which are customizable. In addition, you can incorporate modules for more complex analysis.

4.  Sets the calculation criteria of ISO standards.

5.  Network installation allows using it anytime anywhere.

6. Each year, Jadian will release a new version that improves the software performance with new functionalities.

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