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Jadian Compliance Software for Asset Tracking and Verification

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Jadian Compliance Software for Asset Tracking and Verification

6/10/2019 2:45 PM

Jadian, Inc. is a global software and Services Company that provides complete solutions for managing compliance, audits, inspections, work orders, licenses/certificates/permits, and enforcement activities, but what really makes Jadian Compliance Software different from others is the strong integrated approach for asset tracking and verification.

Jadian allows the categorization of assets in a business providing bar coding, photographic documentation, and GIS integration. Jadian surpasses at bringing the related asset tracking and verification data to the desktop of asset managers, asset auditors and financial managers in a seamlessly integrated environment.

Time and Cost Saving

Our Asset Tracking and verification solution reduces the efforts spent on more time-consuming tasks associated with asset management, verification and tracking through minor investment on our product.

Open Asset Software program and Services are provided at an all-inclusive ongoing cost allowing for effective planning and roll-out of our enterprise solutions. We have found this reduces our client’s experience of large upfront costs and everlasting license fees. An important driver of our subscription payment allows our clients to give attention to the acquisition, activity and disposals of all assets within the corporation for the complete life routine of the asset while we concentrate on offering a top-class software environment and verification services.

Jadian offers services for at least three-year inclusive contract and cost for these services calculated at the total number of assets tracked, maintained and verified.


Jadian software is easy to install and use. Moreover, we also provide system manuals for a better understanding of the system. Effectively designed screens make the software more user-friendly.

Hardware and Software Requirements

• Completely Web Based and Cloud solution– only a Web Browser is needed to manage assets
• Easily Accessible using local network
• System meets Industry Standard Architecture (MS SQL Server, ASP.Net)
• Our asset tracking and verification solution can be installed on existing servers

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