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Enterprise Quality Manager

Enterprise Quality Manager (EQ/M) is a web-based solution that has mobile tools to enable administration bodies to manage compliance electronically, conduct audits and inspections, fulfill work orders, monitor licensing, certifications and permits, and check compliance enforcement. EQ/M is a successful software solution used around the world. The first version, released in 1990, managed auditing and corrective actions. We are constantly updating and improving our software.

Plan audits and inspections of different sites, follow proper guidelines, take the resulting data, and then oversee the results. This includes tracing non-conformance and corrective or preventive actions (CAPA), assessing fines and penalties, addressing complaints and appeals, and issuing permits, licenses and certificates.

The field inspection module has the capability to be used with most mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones. Manage investigator workloads on-site as well as review and approve analysis and administrative actions.

The e-Service feature allows companies to provide services such as online audit results and e-Payment of fees and penalties. The Online Control Panel provides the necessary information to supervisors so that they can enhance compliance and overall performance. Integrating flexibly with other business software, EQ/M streamlines your network. Intuitive and user friendly so that your employees can learn to use it easily. Increase efficiency with EQ/M.

Key Features

Easily access to online services and solutions.

Manage compliance, audits, inspections, work orders, licenses, certificates and permits, as well as compliance enforcement

Collect data easily through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones

Fully access system data online from anywhere with an internet connection.

Use the system worldwide with the localization feature.

Configure the system to your local requirements and regulations.

Support e-Business and submit online payments of fees and fines, online inspection schedules, online inspection results and client responses (root cause, CA plans).

Easily integrate the system with other third party systems including HR, ERP, and financial / accounting.

Jadian is a global software and services company that provides complete solutions for companies for the purposes of managing: Compliance, Audits, Inspections, Work Orders, Licences/Certificates/Permits, Enforcement, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management.

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