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Consulting Services

Jadian offers consulting services  to give you tailored solutions that deliver results. We offer needs analysis, process re-engineering, as well as compliance management, project management and performance improvement consultation. Our team has the functional expertise to help you focus on your most critical issues and opportunities, and help you realize the full potential of your technical resources.

Software Configuration

Quality software should support your business strategy. We first assess your strategic needs then design software to help you with your business processes and compliance management. Our software, customized to fit your specific needs, helps you meet your long term business goals.


Custom Software Development

Customized software optimizes your business processes, so that your organization becomes more dynamic and agile. Our pre-built software can be improved with the features and specifications you need. We tailor the standards and compliance metrics to your specific industry. Our experienced developers help your business run more smoothly, and make your organization feel more happy.


System Integration

Our open and flexible architecture integrates with other third-party software. We design software solutions that collaborate with your current system and other business software. Ensure compliance while continue to incorporate other important business software.


Data Migration

Integrating Jadian into your system helps you streamline your business. But as part of it, you will also need to migrate old data and records into Jadian. Our software is cloud based, so migrated data from your previous software can easily be incorporated into Jadian. We ensure you complete historic data safety in our cloud based system.


Implementation Support

New software requires a learning curve for you and your employees. Our easy to use interface and intuitive controls make the learning curve shorter. We also provide consulting services, installation services, online or one on one training services and technical support. We constantly strive to maintain high customer satisfaction.


Hosting Services

Jadian software is fully hosted because it is a cloud-based application. We also offer full service system installation including top quality hardware and software. All Jadian systems are managed at our secure data center that is ISO27001-compliant. Contact us for more information about full service system installation.

Technical Support