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Enterprise Quality Management Software for Process Redesigning

Enterprise Quality Management Software

Enterprise Quality Management Software for Process Redesigning

12/29/2015 7:26 PM

Redesigning business processes is essential for implementing innovative new ideas. This approach is more far-reaching than incremental improvements. Redesigning may involve making small changes to one location or making large improvements spanning multiple business processes which would require interdepartmental cooperation to plan and execute. These types of changes should be carefully planned to implement correctly and efficiently. Using good quality management software can save a lot of time and effort. The following guidelines can help you in implementing a redesign.


The first step in the redesign of business processes is to make a careful plan including how the change will happen, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. As part of the planning, examine how the business process worked in the past and how it affected other parts of your organization. Take into account any changes to your overall business processes while the redesign is being implemented.


The next step is to do a trial run of the planned changes to see if it is worth the investment. Determine if each major element of the redesign is going to be cost effective. If some elements of the redesign will not work well, you can make the changes needed to make the whole redesign a success. This is an important step because if the changes will not work, it is not worth the investment. A good risk and compliance software can help you in making sure you are following any applicable regulations. When you determine you have planned a successful redesign, you can put it in place.


To implement your redesign, you should first let your employees know about the changes so they can prepare for them. Explain why the redesign is important and how it will change your business. Then you can make appropriate changes to the process or procedure. If the redesign will interrupt your daily business, then be sure to make plans to accommodate the interruption. 

Evaluate the Redesign

After the redesign is complete, you should evaluate if it enhanced your business processes. Is the quality of your product better? Is your process more efficient? Is your process more cost effective? If you do not see a significant change, then are there adjustments you can make to the redesign? If it is a success, then assess the improvement and inform your company. Assessing the pluses and minuses can help in planning future redesigns.

Track and Monitor

With any business process, tracking and monitoring helps to see how your business is actually doing. You can track the success of your redesign. Using internal audit software you can see how your profits and losses have changed after the redesign. Accurate assessments help you to plan future changes and redesigns with a better understanding of the potential benefits.

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