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Gone are the days of paper and pen. When it comes to internal enterprise audits and inspections, nothing tops the efficiency of Inspection Software. Unfortunately, compatibility issues often arise when these software are run across different operating systems. Organizations regularly provide different devices to their employees, all running different OS’s. Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, etc—all of them have their own requirements and formats.

Jadian’s field inspection module has the capability to be used with most mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones. Manage investigator workloads on-site as well as review and approve analysis and administrative actions. Our inspection module feature is unmatched when it comes to gathering critical data; we offer easy-to-use forms that improves the overall inspection process. From inspecting equipment and products to facilities, we offer the tools that continuously improve to help with quality, training, compliance, and procedures.

Jadian Inspection Software is a solution that works on any type of device and operating system. Jaidian utilizes the cloud, meaning any device with an Internet Browser can access the content regardless of the OS its running on. The software is completely mobile responsive, and is accessible on any smart device. No more compatibility headaches—just log on for easy use. If you’re in the market for a highly effective audit and inspection solution without the compatibility issues, consider Jadian.

Jadian is a global software and services company that provides complete solutions for companies for the purposes of managing: Compliance, Audits, Inspections, Work Orders, Licences/Certificates/Permits, Enforcement, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management.

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