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Transportation Safety

Transportation industries must comply with several layers of regulatory requirements. Jadian software tracks, monitors, and collects information for compliance management, market accessibility, inspections, and audits. Flexibly manage all the elements of your business including monitoring your supply chain as well as new and current regulations, ensuring market accessibility, complying with certificate and documentation requirements, tracking mileage and driving logs, and mitigating transportation and safety risks.

Jadian software features Common View  that

• Presents a user friendly interface to view your entire transportation business

• Monitors compliance issues and regulations

• Tracks necessary data to maintain compliance

• Includes GPS technology to track and secure vehicles

• Allows you to log mileage or driving records

• Maintains vehicle repair records

• Stores licensing and inspection certificates

• Offers on site or mobile accessibility through a web based format

Jadian is both mobile and web based so anyone in your organization can access the system to input data, check current compliance and regulations, and get documents or reports online. Our system is designed to meet the needs of business transportation or vehicle rental organizations. We can design your application to adapt to the specific types of regulations and compliance management issues your business requires. Meet requirements and avoid risk with an easy to use software.

Our transportation business application uses GPS technology to track vehicles and ensure security.  Enhance security with a remote locking feature and alerts for out of normal route driving. Common View allows you to check each vehicle's condition, its mileage, it maintenance needs and licensing and inspection requirements.

Jadian provides a comprehensive and streamlined way to manage transportation business compliance and regulatory issues in one easily accessible platform. In addition, we offer quality customer service to resolve concerns and answer any question you may have.