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Personnel Certification

Many professions require a personnel certificate. Having a personnel certificate for your profession shows that you have a specific set of skills and knowledge as well as expertise in your field. Proactively checking for certification at the employee level or enterprise level monitors that you maintain compliance and mitigate risks. Jadian software helps you to ensure employees are certified and that they maintain certification.

Most certification programs require that individuals attend a professional training program, then pass an exam to demonstrate their proficiency. Then, individuals must often recertify at defined intervals. Jadian software offers the following features to manage certification:

• Monitor current certification requirements and deadlines

Communicate clearly with employees about certification requirements and upcoming recertifications.

Easily store and retrieve necessary documentation and certificates

• Generate necessary reports and documentation for audits and compliance

Send alerts of upcoming compliance requirements and recertification dates

• Increase safety and credibility of your business

Governance, risk management, and compliance are important for many businesses today. Each industry sets specific requirements and types of training. Jadian can manage this various information. Customize your software to your certification requirements along with training compliance information, training dates, testing dates, and recertification information.

The strengths of a continuous compliance program is that your business follows industry accepted and standardized skills. You also improve your business recognition through increasing your credibility and marketability. Alignment is important for maintaining your businesses standards. Managing compliance is a continuous process and in a globalized environment, the requirements can be country dependent.

Automate your compliance and certification program so you can focus on your core business processes and strategies.
Jadian’s software has a centralized dashboard view of compliance status across departments and geographical locations. It generates reports for regulatory audits and compliance. Jadian’s secure web based interface, workflow information, document management, inventory control, Compliance Scanner, and detailed access control provide a cost effective method of protecting business interests. 

In addition, you receive quality customer service to answer your concerns and questions thoroughly.