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Quality laboratories are complex environments that often require attention to extensive regulation and compliance issues. Jadian’s quality management system (EQ/M) application can help companies systematize and streamline quality practices so that they are able to get superior products to market quickly without compromising compliance.

Laboratories benefit from applications that ensure quality standards are met and standards are maintained. Because it is difficult to keep track of all of the current regulations associated with your specific laboratory, let EQ/M help you to

• Improve your lab work transparency.

• Improve quality and regulatory compliance.

• Reduce costs and improve efficiency.

• Add flexibility to accommodate new regulations.

• Share data among staff to improve communication.

• Account for specific challenges involved in laboratory processes.

Investing in EQ/M creates a visible way to monitor your levels of quality and compliance. Whether a pharmaceutical company needs to account for new risks or manage current regulations, Jadian’s EQ/M system is designed to help you achieve specific lab objectives. The software monitors compliance issues, stores necessary data, and alerts you to important compliance requirements.

Sharing data, maintaining accurate records, and finding ways to improve efficiency make EQ/M an important software that can optimize your laboratory environment. In addition, our customer service offers you the quality attention you need whenever questions or concerns arise.