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Government Municipalities

Government agencies and contract workers are required to meet governance standards. The complex web of required standards and operational mandates can be difficult to monitor and manage along with the day to day demands of governance. Jadian software helps you monitor multiple initiatives, mitigate risk, and manage data to meet auditing requirements.

Federal agencies and municipal governments are required to follow federal and local directives, operational mandates, and accounting standards. Maintaining transparency and ethical standards is important for good governance. Jadian web based software gives you the following features:

• Reduce costs through streamlining and managing compliance and non-compliance issues

• Manage compliance, risk, and auditing processes in one platform

• Use a systematic way to manage policies and risk factors

• Improve communication among staff members and outside agencies

• Enhance visibility through data sharing between agencies

• Identify possible risks and solutions with clear reports and analytics

Jadian software can be tailored to meet the demands of your agency or entity. We can customize it to meet your specific initiatives, compliance issues, and regulations. Manage policies that are most important to you. Get a centralized view of all the different metrics you are monitoring.

Our secure platform can manage information so that only those who have proper clearance can access important data. Enable your group to make informed decision and create transparency for oversight committees and the public. Also communicate clearly within your organization and with others employing our easy to use communication tools.

Jadian's cloud based and web based software is available when and where you need it. Easily access the information you need. Create audit trails quickly to meet regulatory mandates and guidelines. Lower costs and reduce the labor needed to manage your compliance standards.

Jadian's comprehensive software can streamline and automate your office to better serve the public. Jadian comes with quality customer service to resolve any questions or concerns you may have.