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Environmental Quality

Implement Jadian’s environmental management system to save energy, reduce pollution and eliminate environmental hazards.  Achieving certification standards demonstrates to employees, investors and customers that your business is caring for the environment. Monitoring and tracking environmental benchmarks helps you achieve benefits beyond helping environmental quality. 

With Jadian’s Environment Compliance Software you will be able to enjoy the following features:


• Evaluate environmental impacts from your business practices

• Create environmental targets and objectives to achieve high performance

• Track important records and compliance standards

• Manage and monitor environmental controls and regulations

• Track employee’s record and performance

• Quickly assess compliance to documented environmental quality and management processes

• Find the root cause of environmental incidents to remove them efficiently

• Create reports for auditors and managers by common view features

• Provide safe and secure access to all documents

• Create, list and maintain environmental policies, procedures, emergency procedures and etc.

Adhering to environmental quality standards can help your business increase productivity, save money, and reduce compliance costs. You can also create a happier workplace.

Jadian software includes quality customer service to resolve any questions or concerns.