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A workplace is where most employees spend most of their time. They spend eight hours of their every day’s life and therefore, the employer must take steps to ensure that employees are safe and protected measures. The basic this is that both employer and employees must be aware of the requirements and safety practices so that they can successfully protect in the event of an accident. The only problem is that this often becomes the responsibility of the employer alone.

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Enterprise quality management is an integrated approach to achieving and maintaining high quality production approach, focusing on the maintenance and continuous process improvement and defect prevention at all levels of the organization to meet or exceed customer satisfaction. Enterprise quality management focuses primarily on eliminating non value-add processes and services of an organization. Highly regulated industries continue to face pressure to maintain the highest level of quality control in all aspects of its business operations, while at the same time reducing costs and maintaining margins. Adopting good enterprise quality management software can help achieving better quality while reducing costs as well.

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Today, business success depends on maintain customer satisfaction. Good customer relationship is the main aim of any company or organization. Companies wants to grow and reach their customers by improving services and reducing errors. In the case, the key to achieve success is that companies needs to send the right person with great communication skills at the right location at the right time. Field service management is an attempt to program, optimize and dispatching for service processes and information businesses need to send teams of employees in the field.


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