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Secure Data Center

Security is an important concern in any technological environment. Jadian takes data and application security very seriously. All of the development and production servers are located in a secure data center with world-class security systems. In short excellent security for excellent systems. 

Jadian guarantees its customers that their data will remain safe at all times. Security measures include 24x7x365 occupancy, biometric security scanners, an IPTV camera system with full recording in all areas, and secured entrances. We use top quality hardware and related technical equipment to maximize uptime.

Data Center

*Double Walled (interior, exterior)
*Double Roof Structure (building within building, concrete slurry block with rebar reinforcement)
*13" Clear Span Ceiling Height
*2 x 24 Ton Liebert Air Handler
*40 Ton Tram Air Handler
*Ingress Plumbing (all concrete encased)
*Dual Underground Fiber Entrances


*2000 KVA Power Feed
*400 KVA Diesel Caterpillar Olympian Generator, 500 Gallons
*AC Power: APC Symmetra N+1 Battery Arrays
*DC Power: APC Dual DC -48vdc Power Plants, 8 rectifiers

Internet - Tier 1 Carriers

*Level 3 (OC-3), Hand off 1206 May Street
*AT&T, (OC-3 X 2) (Hand of LNNGMIMN, GDRPMIBL)

Internet - Peering (Direct Connections)

*Michigan State University (Gig Ethernet)
*Telnet WorldWide (DS-3)
*Iserv (DS-3)
*Jas Networks (DS-3)
*20/20 Communications (DS-3)